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Breakfast Menu

Number 1

​Deep Fried Breaded Wings
BBQ Meatballs
BBQ Little Smokey
Small Vegetable Tray w/dip
Assorted Crackers

       $10.99. per                 person

Number 2

​Deep Fried Breaded Wings
Hot Wings
BBQ Little Smokeys
Mushroom Meatballs
Small Vegetable Tray w/dip
Assorted Cracker

      $11.99. per          person

Number 3

​Deep Fried Breaded Wings
Hot Wings
BBQ Little Smokies
BBQ Meatballs
Mushroom Meatballs
Medium Vegetable Tray w/dip
Medium cheese and Crackers Tray
Assorted Crackers
  $13.49  per person

Number 4

​BBQ Pull Pork/buns
Finger Food Assortments
BBQ Meatballs
Small Fruit Tray
Medium Vegetable Tray w/dip
Large Cheese and Crackers Tray
Assorted Crackers
       $14.99 per             person
  Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in creating a menu for your next affair.
Jalyrih Grill and Catering---217-330-7427
email us at jalyrihgrill.com
​Fried Chicken                     
Catfish Filet                           
Walleye Filet                      
Pork Chops                        Call for Catering Prices
Salisbury Steaks               
Roast Beef                       
BBQ Ribs                           
BBQ Rib Tips                     
Meat Loaf                          
Mashed Potatoes---------
Mac & Cheese               
Cornbread Dressing      
Green Beans               
Potato Salad                 
Cole Slaw                    Call For Catering Prices 
Pinto Beans                 
Black Eye Peas           
Rolls Or Cornbread     .
Side Items
Delivery Fees ---------- Local $25.00
Plates, Utensils etc, -- Call for price
Desserts                                                  Drinks
Peach Cobbler    $65.00/$35.00             Can Drinks      $1.50 Each
Cakes                 $60.00/$30.00              Ice Tea           $12.00 Gallon
Pies  9 in.            $12.00 Each                Lemonaid       $12.00 Gallon
                                                                Others            Call for Price​